Ultimas, Noticias, vídeos ....


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Excelente aquisição da Pernalonga .... João Marinho



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As novas instalações da Santacruz



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Nova arma da Anka Martin ..... Juliana (ainda não sei se é uma Nomad M ou L, ou se é especifica)



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Se eu tivesse uma bike assim , também ficava com esse ar de felicidade espelhado no rosto e no sorriso.

bichu du matu

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Comparando com a minha, é um S, ou o quadro é Redesenhado e mudaram a geometria e tem furo para cabo espigão,ou tem um angleset e fizeram furo no carbono para passar o cabo. Se tivesse orçamento gostava de ter os componentes do grupo Sram: Pike, Reverb S, e XX1. Há e já agora podia experimentar as rodas em carbono..................................... e o capacete!!!!


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Vive le Trans Provence!

Santa Cruz Bicycles is très happy to announce we're the new Official Partner of the Mavic Trans Provence 2013.

The event is a 7-day point-to-point rally-style mountain bike race from Sisteron to Menton in France. The winner is the rider who finishes with the lowest accumulated time from the 26 timed stages along the route.
Each stage rewards those with the ability to descend quickly on unfamiliar technical trails, making it pretty much the World's first and only multiday point-to-point race which is won on singletrack, and NOT doubletrack or wide forest roads.

This is as 'All-Mountain' it gets. Last year, riders had to endure not only brutal stages but also torrential rainstorms and lightning strikes. Here at Santa Cruz, we spent most of that week watching from afar... frantically refreshing the results page just to check everyone had survived!

So get ready to go through it all again with us from 28 SEP – 5 OCT 2013 at:


In the meantime, here's a little teaser of what's to come...



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On September 1st 2013, Greg Minnaar achieved his dream of winning the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in his hometown of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Greg's victory marks his third World Championship gold, and the fourth World Championship title for the Santa Cruz Syndicate team.


"It feels like my entire life has been leading up to this moment," said Greg after the race. "Ever since Pietermartizburg was announced as the Worlds venue back in 2011, I've focused everything towards winning in front of my family, friends and home crowd."

He added: "We set out a strategy with the Syndicate and have stuck to it; from training and racing, through to the bike design, set-up and kit selection. Taking the Worlds in Leogang last year was just the first step, and helped build my confidence that the plan was working."


"Greg's shown amazing mental strength in the build up to this race" said Rob Roskopp, the Santa Cruz Syndicate's team owner.

"Even going back to the season opener in Sea Otter, Greg stuck with his V10 while everyone around him experimented with different bike designs and wheel sizes. He knew what he needed to win the Worlds and stuck with it from day one. To stay so unwaveringly focused for so long, on one objective, is incredible really."

Greg races the all carbon fiber production Santa Cruz V10; the exact same model available to the public... albeit with a few custom patriotic decals!


Greg and Syndicate team mates Steve Peat and Josh Bryceland are now looking ahead to the final two rounds of the MTB World Cup, held in Norway and Austria later in the month. You can stay updated on their progress right here on santacruzbicycles.com