Two mountain bikes stolen in Foz Do Arelho


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Hi all,

I've had two mountain bikes stolen from Foz do Arelho on Wednesday the 10th August!:(

The bikes were both Genesis Core 20 - one was a large frame and one small!

The large frame was fitted with SPD pedals and two water bottle cages and the small bike has flat pedals and one water cage fitted. As far as I know these are the only Genesis Core 20's in white in Portugal, they also have white saddles that make them a little more unusual.

If anyone could be as kind to translate this to Portuguese for me and post in other sections on the forum I would be forever grateful.

Best regards,


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Hi Jason,

I've just translated your message and ad it onto the appropriate thread.

Have you been to the closest police station (GNR/PSP)? Print my translation together with that photo and spread it around in that area. Don't forget your contact information, you should put it here in this forum as well.

What sizes where they exactly? According to the Genesis website, they're frame sizes are 16'', 17.5'', 19'' and 20.5''. "Large and small" is a bit too vague...

Good luck on that




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Thanks for the responses!!

The small frame is the 16" and the large 19".

Caldas da Rainha police station were informed and a report filled out.

I can be contacted via PM on here or 937842410


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Hi Jason,

Also check out the Ads at websites like OLX, Coisas, CustoJusto and Ocasião. Sometimes they put a small or a detail picture but as you know the bikes better than anybody, you might spot it if anyone puts an ad on those.

I´ll be also alert to that.

Hope that you're lucky and get it back.