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Sim o quadro aguenta.

Esta foto já correu meio mundo... se olharem para o equipamento conseguem perceber porquê.

SURFAS, a Nomad Carbon está excelente! A Lyrik é mesmo linda :shock:
Não tens mais fotos da piloto? :mrgreen:


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Eu gostava de saber era com qual delas fugias ..... a Nomad ou com a ANKA MARTIN :mrgreen:

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Comprei um joplin r com remote no guiador para a minha Nomad noto que o selim abana como se tivesse uma folga muito pequenina para os lados é normal????


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Sim, mas não te preocupes a pedalar nem notas e em principio fica sempre com essa folga nem mais nem menos.

O meu já vai com um ano e zero problemas, em Setembro vou abri-lo para uma revisão.


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Mais um teste


A few short months ago, Santa Cruz Bicycles turned the all-mountain crowd on its head with the introduction of the Nomad Carbon. Finally getting a chance to ride the newest version of this much praised frame, I wanted to see what it could handle.

Over the years, the Nomad has been celebrated as the complete package: something that could do everything, a whole quiver of bikes in a single frame. Throwing a leg over the Nomad Carbon was great. The first thing I noticed was its stunning looks; it is smooth and seamless. Carbon fiber makes it possible to bend tubes into one sexy shape and the quality of the linkages really makes this frame a solid package. Once I got my bottom jaw off of the ground, the next thing I noticed was the incredible amount of versatility packed into this 28.6 lb. complete bike (with pedals). With more than six inches of travel, there is not much that the Nomad Carbon can't accomplish in capable hands. The added rigidity of carbon fiber makes carving down a descent almost telepathic. At the same time, it's so light, you can just as quickly pedal right back up.

The build provided by Santa Cruz Bicycles increases the bike's versatility because of their choice of shock and fork. The Fox DHX Air shock is an excellent choice for Nomad Carbon riders who are going to mix it up with just as much going up as going down. While I spent the majority of my time riding a chairlift, the pedaling efficiency of the Nomad Carbon was surprising and the two-position propedal lever of the DHX Air will please almost everyone. In addition to a wise shock choice, the Fox 36 TALAS is known in gravity circles as the go-to choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their all-mountain rig. The older, three-position adjustment (160, 130, 100) aids climbing by putting the rider in more favorable positions to get the power to the pedal.

Those who are looking for the ultimate trail bike, they may want to consider a tapered Fox 36 TALAS or RockShox Lyrik 2-Step to unleash the true climbing attributes of this bike. With a 1.5" head tube, the multitude of available headsets will allow a great deal of versatility when it comes to steerer tubes and stem choices. The Fox RP23 would step into the role by offering the most pedaling efficiency in SCB's range of shock choices. The RP23 would also shave a few hundred grams off of the already incredibly light 28.6 lb. complete bike weight.

For those who are looking for the ultimate performance in a light freeride/all-mountain bike, the DHX Air could be the best bet. Riders looking to get more action on the downs but still unwilling to add the extra weight of a coil will love the DHX Air's ability to fulfill the role. With the arrival of the Fox 36 180mm, many riders might want to consider this option to increase confidence at the bike park. A note, the Fox 36 180mm does feature direct mount brake adapters for a 203mm rotor, weight weenies beware!

My personal suggestion would be to consider an adjustable seatpost for this bike. With the Nomad Carbon's ability to go up as quickly as down, you may only find yourself stopping to adjust your saddle height. A 30.9-mm seatpost diameter means that it is a fairly standard size and most companies offer adjustable posts to fit. The all-mountain build provided by SCB with an adjustable post and full coil set-up would run around 32-33lbs, so the amount of bike you get for the weight is incredible. Being a gravity guy, I would also strongly suggest two wheel sets: one for gravity/resort riding and another for general trail riding. It is always easier to buy two wheel sets than to buy two bikes. With the amount of tire clearance given by Santa Cruz, some pretty mean meaty tires could be stuffed into the frame to allow the best results at the bike park.

Nothing has really changed in the Santa Cruz Bicycles' equation: create an incredibly fun and versatile bike that has proven itself time and time again. Now, that bike is just stiffer, lighter, and more resilient. Many consumers are slowly dipping their toes into the carbon pool and I must say that the Nomad Carbon gives all the confidence to jump in head first. I never once considered the fact I was riding on carbon while catching riders on full-on downhill bikes. Frame and component technology continues to amaze and inspire me with confidence. I look forward to working with you to create rigs capable of doing things that used to require a quiver of bikes in the past.

Again, Santa Cruz Bicycles has blurred the line as to what is possible to achieve with just one bike.

This just makes me that much more excited to see how awesome the Carbon V-10 will be.


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Para ficar memo, mas memo 5 ****

Falta-lhe, isto


E esse 5th Element ainda dura, lembro-me bem dos dias em que tornou obsoleto os Fox.


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Olá Surfas, muito boa tarde!! Surfas, oq é é esse brasão? Nao conheço, poderia me explicar?

Quanto ao 5o elemento, sabe q estou gostando muito da performance dele? A princípio ate pensei em trocá-lo pelo fox dhx, mas agora minha intenção é ficar com ele mesmo.




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O brazão é do melhor clube de futebol do MUNDO (a cor do clube é vermelha). Já sei virão Portistas, Sportinguistas dizer o contrario (não sou adepto de futebol, apenas simpatizante)!!!!


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Após alguma espera cá está a minha prenda de natal antecipada :cool:

Já está montada, mas como terminei muito tarde, esqueci-me de tirar fotos dela montada!


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Apesar das alegrias que a Blur Lt me deu, aventurei me a mudar para a mana mais maluca :) pois a traseira da Blur começou a ficar curta para o que faço, deixo as fotos da montagem, troquei lhe o dhx5 ar por um rp23 vou experimentar esta semana com o rp23 nao me adpetei muito bem ao DHX