gps tracks for madeira enduro-downhill?


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Hello everybody! I go with some friends and our bikes to madeira, but i can´t find any gps tracks in the web. Can anybody help me? We like enduro trails, any recommendation?
Thank you very much!
Maybe you like this video, from our visit to Ethiopia with our bikes:wink: keep on riding!



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Congratulations for the adventure and the video. Awesome!
Regarding the tracks, I can't help you with that, but some one from the forum will help you for sure.

Later on, don't forget to share with us your adventure in Madeira Islands... :)



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Hi Juan,

I think your best bet is to get in touch with, they know the trails better than anyone and for Enduro riding I'd recommend the uplift service since you'd be able to start at 1500m/1800m above sea level and end at the beach!



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The video is awesome! Congratulations. :clap:

Follow the advice of user mlouro and you will find (for sure) amazing places to ride. Good luck and enjoy as best you can!


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thank you for your replies! I already contacted them, it really seems the best option but it´s quite expensive. We never go with guides but by the moment seems the only way.
this also happens here with some people. I understand their point of view but i also think that much more people will visit madeira and pay accomodation, uplift, transport... if it is possible to have public trails, like it happens in utah, alps... where you just go and ride
Anyway this is another question and, as i said, i absolutely understand them, but if i have to pay a guide everywhere i can´t know so lot of places;(
maybe somebody in this forum is not in the "business" and has no problem in sharing some good tracks
Thank you anyway!
If you want to ride in another gooooooooooooooood island go to la palma, incredible place, from 2500 meters to the beach;)
Greetings from spain!


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Juan, sorry to hear that. If you want to visit Azores or mainland Portugal I can help you with tracks in some places and/or help you get in touch with locals.. Madeira seems to be very much Freeride/DH oriented, at least I don't know much of an enduro scene there, but maybe someone here can help!

All great spots, I'm thinking of visiting the alps this year, or maybe Finale Ligure :) What are the top spots in mainland Spain?

Rui Abreuu

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Juan great video keep going,madeira island its a good local to ride and see good landscaps.

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