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Where would you say the best riding in Portugal was for a reasonably proficient mountain biker who prefers natural trails rather then man made ones?

Considering visiting this wonderful country later this year and any help would be very much appreciated.

Sorry I can't write this in Portuguese, but I know many of you guys speak fantastic English!


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Sorry but my english is not the best i know, but, let me try.

I ride most of the times in Serra de Valongo, is in the noth part off the contry and is near Porto, if you want more information take my mail and i send you maps and more things (

I Know Gêres too, its the most beautifull place ive ride my bike so far and its a place to visit.

Whait a little more people will help you, i only know places in north but south is great too ;)


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Hi rachex1984!

Where do you plan to stay during your vacations?
As you understand Portugal is not quite so small so if you tell us where you're planning to stay it will be easier for us to give you some advice.
Anyway Portugal have some very nice trails which I'm sure you will love!


Hello rachex 1984,
Portugal is a country with big diversity of landscapes and some areas are still prety unspoilt for example: All the border region with Spain ( Starting in Geres - Northwest ( National Park ) passing by Montesinho ( Northeast ) and after that, all the way down to Algarve ( Most Southern region of continental Portugal ) you have many chances to enjoy tracks and also visiting many castles and small villages ( some of them almost empty ) and learn more about our historical heritage and culture ( near 900 years of history as Portugal ); A good project could be, starting in Geres ( you could stay in youthhostels or residentials it´s good value for money ) then East and after go South ( passing eventualy through Estrela ( Star) Mountain- Serra estrela in portuguese 2ooo meters altitude and fantastic tracks ) but to give you more tips, please try to inform us things, such as: how many days, budget , how many people travelling, levels of difficulty and preparation of the group, in what month are you comming, because here, specially in Alentejo and Algarve ( the 2 most southern regions ) might be a little unconfortable to ride ( high temperatures in July-August ), etc..
When you say more about your project, the Mountain-Bike groups ( there are many in Portugal ) and associations will be glad to help you and even send you recorded tracks for the gps.
Looking forward to ear from you


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Hi, Rachex1984!

Try Serra da Arrábida, near Setúbal / Palmela.

Great trails and marvellous beaches, too.








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