Brasil Ride 2011


Throughout the week here at the 2011 Brasil Ride, the elite men agreed on two things: Portugal's Luis Pinto was the strongest rider here and German Lukas Kaufmann had the top technical skills. But the reality of two-rider racing is that it doesn't matter how good one rider is, unless his teammate can match. That's why Pinto was forced to settle for second overall, while Kaufmann earned the stage 7 win.

Pinto's Spanish teammate Alejandro Lopez (Team Spano-Luso) couldn't match the daily accelerations of Kristian Hynek and Robert Novatny (Future Cycling-Sweep), allowing the Czech duo to repeat as overall champs.
top 10 da classificação geral em elites masculinos:
1 Kristian Hynek & Robert Novotny (Futurecycling-Sweep) 23:02:43
2 Luis Pinto & Alejandro Lopez (Team Spano - Luso) 0:05:18
3 Tomas Vokrouhlik & Martin Horak (BMC Specialized) 0:59:10
4 Josemberg Pinho & Raphael Mendes (JC Bikes) 1:10:05
5 Hugo Neto & Douglas Neto (OCE-Treine/KHS/Infanti) 1:23:26
6 Jose Silva & Tiago Ferreira (Brasil Ride) 1:47:47
7 Lukas Kauffmann & Christopher Maletz (Team Easton Rockets) 2:46:51
8 Marco Almeida & Marco Fernandez (Specialized /Roberto Heras Training System ) 3:48:39
9 Uira Castro & Gustavo Santos (LM/Tripp/Specialized) 4:03:32
10 Thomas Vandendale & Christophe Clercq (Firstenergy) 4:30:55

Em 113 equipas, só 67 conseguiram acabar!

Um duo iberico em 2º, outro em 8º e um duo português em 6º! Escelentes resultados para os tugas!
Portugal ao mais alto nível ! Era preciso que a comunicação social deixasse de ter os olhos focados no futebol e começasse a ver estes exemplos!

Parabéns aos atletas !!!