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Cycling News said:
SRAM and Zipp have formally announced that the two parties have signed a 'Non-Binding Letter of Intent' which states that SRAM expects to wholly acquire the Indianapolis, IN-based composites and wheel company within the next sixty days.

While this is clearly a significant development, it likely comes as little surprise to keen observers within the industry. With the prior acquisitions of Rock Shox, Avid, and Truvativ, wheel components were among the only items missing from SRAM's otherwise comprehensive list of component offerings and rumour and speculation have been rampant in regards to a potential acquisition for some time now.

According to SRAM CEO Stan Day, "Zipp is a great company and respected brand, with a strong management team, advanced technology, and superb manufacturing capability. We look forward to bringing both successful companies together and synergistically delivering a growing strategic range of products to our customers."

Andy Ording, President of Zipp, added, "Zipp has remained focused on market defining technology development in advanced composites and aerodynamics. After nearly two decades of carbon product manufacturing, the SRAM opportunity provides additional horsepower and improved global market leverage. SRAM has a fine reputation for acquisitions and culture integration, affording us the opportunity to broaden our foundation on which the Zipp team can build for the long term."

Zipp's current product lineup is decidedly road-centric, including a wide range of complete wheelsets and rims in both carbon fiber composite and aluminum, hubs, tires, and a variety of carbon fiber road components such as handlebars and cranksets. It is entirely within the realm of reason, however, to expect that that range could very well include off-road components and wheels in the future.

According to SRAM Road PR Manager Michael Zellman, though, it's simply "too early to say" exactly how things will proceed from a product standpoint. It should go without saying, though, that SRAM is sure to tap heavily into Zipp's considerable experience in composite design and manufacturing for a wider assortment of applications in the future.

For now, things will mostly remain status quo: the current Zipp management team will remain unchanged and SRAM reports that there will be no layoffs resulting from the acquisition. Moreover, Zipp's offices and manufacturing facilities will remain based in its current location where it will also continue to handle Zipp-related warranty issues. According to SRAM, all of Zipp's current distributors, contracts, and business relationships will be honoured.

Additional information is scheduled to be released in early December.
Segundo o acordo assinado, em princípio será assim...
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Pudera!!! Com os conhecimentos que o Vitor tem, quem não o quer contratar :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: (VitorZip) :mrgreen:


Realmente este mundo dos negócios é uma caixinha de surpresas. Começam devagar, se têm a sorte de ter sucesso começam logo a monopolizar tudo. Assim seja, para bem ou mal dos consumidores!
Josant said:
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Pudera!!! Com os conhecimentos que o Vitor tem, quem não o quer contratar :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: (VitorZip) :mrgreen:


AHHH! Realmente recebi uma carta da Sram á uns tempos, mas como vinha junto com uma carta das Finanças, nem cheguei a abrir... se calhar depois desistiram e compraram a Zipp... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Quem quer apostar que daqui a 1 ou 2 anos temos aí a Sram com umas rodas de topo para XC, com algum "berlicoque" de carbono? Agora que têm um grupo de estrada topo de gama, compram uma marca de rodas para o complementar (e prosseguir com a guerra á Shimano), e daqui a uns tempos já andam a pensar dar "luta" ás rodas XTR e Mavic Xmax...

Aguardem e vão ver...
Sou suspeito em falar de Zipp, eu, mas terá sido uma grande compra por parte da SRAM e, espero, que tal transacção motive o lançamento de material para BTT, sem interferir com a imensa qualidade do material de estrada que produzem :)