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Exchange the Force 99 stem. Now!

Dear Syntace customer,

Unfortunately, we have noticed that not all customers subject to our recall have exchanged their stem. Many of you know about the recall of the Syntace Force 99 stems up to production code 34 05, but still continue touse their Force 99. We would like to point out once again, that stress corrosion can cause cracks leading to breakage of the stem at any time. The defect does not happen often but possibly at a point in time when sudden loss of control is least desirable.
It can lead to crashes with heavy injury or possible death!
Exactamente. O numero corresponde á semana do ano - neste caso, até semana 34 do ano 05. Este numero encontra-se entre os parafusos que apertam na coluna de direcção...

Verifiquem os vossos, a segurança é importante...